Here is What Our Customers Have to Say…

“My wife and I recently purchased a lot in Washington City and being from northern Utah we were not familiar with any of the home builders in the area. We met with several builders to discuss our plans and were not really comfortable with them after the meetings. We then met with Xcellent Homes and immediately knew that we had found the builder we wanted to build our new home. A decision was made that Xcellent Homes would be the builder of our home, a decision that we never regretted. Xcellent Homes was direct in his dealings with us in a positive way. We were not left wondering what he meant or what his expectations were for our home. Any questions we had were answered quickly and fully explained.  We truly appreciated the honesty and integrity we received from Xcellent Homes. Our home is now completed and we could not be happier with the home or the building process. Xcellent Homes was excellent to work with and made several suggestions on how to improve the plans we had obtained from our architect. We were impressed with the sub-contractors that Xcellent Homes uses and found each of them to be responsive to our needs and outstanding in their workmanship, something that we discovered that Xcellent Homes insists on from them. Living over 300 miles away during the building process should have created stress for us but Xcellent Homes kept us apprised of the progress of our home sometimes on a daily basis. They emailed or messaged us photos of the progress being made on our home. We can truly say that our experience with  Xcellent Homes was stress free, something that we did not expect when building a home so far away. We were treated very fairly when we initiated change orders not included in our original contract and Xcellent Homes was quick to point out areas where we had saved money when estimated costs actually came in lower when the work was completed. We cannot imagine every building another home because Xcellent Homes has truly built our dream home. However, if we ever do build again there is no question that we would again work with Xcellent Home to construct it. We highly recommend Xcellent Homes if you are considering the construction of a new home in the southern Utah area. You will not be disappointed.”

Jann & Terry Keefe

“After visiting St. George a couple of years ago, my wife and I decided to retire here and build our dream house that combined all the best features of our prior homes. We chose Xcellent Homes to build it. As we got started, Xcellent Homes did an excellent job meeting with us to go over the plans in detail and understand our preferences, vision, and overall rationale for the house features and layout. Since we were still living in Arizona during the house construction, he scheduled subsequent key weeks for us to visit as the build progressed, spending as much time with us during the visit as we needed to explain where we were in the build process and what decision details needed to be made for the next build phase. If questions arose between visits, he made sure he reviewed the issues with us in detail, sent explanatory photos, etc. before proceeding.Because this was our first house build, there were many details related to the build and how our choices affected it that we never fully appreciated – simple things like the anticipated use and location of in-floor electrical outlets, which direction the doors swung open, etc. etc. What we appreciated most about Xcellent Homes was this: They wanted to know how we were going to use the house and rooms, what general look and feel we were trying to create, and what elements were most important to us. Based on those discussions, he provided very welcome suggestions and thoughts as the build progressed that made a real and positive difference in the home’s look and functionality for us. For example, they correctly suggested that we expand the back patio to give us more sitting room, offered suggestions regarding the layout and look of the front walkway, helped identify where outdoor water faucets would be most useful, suggested an epoxy garage floor covering (that is now definitely appreciated), and so on. There were many more ideas and options he helped define for us too numerous to mention. Last but not least, Xcellent Homes finished the build a few weeks ahead of schedule, which helped us immensely in timing our transition from Arizona to St. George. When we arrived in St. George and walked through the front door of our finished house, it exceeded all our hopes and expectations. We greatly appreciate all Xcellent Homes has done to make this successful.”

Bob Samar & Ellen Dore

“As I was looking to build my dream home in St. George, I was introduced to Xcellent Homes. I started researching the builders, developers, and clients, and without exception, they were always the top. After talking to the owners and asking multiple questions, it was clear that they build a great house. Frankly, they exceeded my expectations.  If your are looking for a great working relationship with a builder and developer you don’t have to look any farther than Xcellent Homes. They listen and work with you.  To me, the true test on building a house is quality, going the extra mile, and satified owners.  After doing my own research, and now after building my dream home with Xcellent Homes, I couldn’t be happier. You can see the positive working relationship between the owners and they truly go they extra mile. They care what they build, and I find that very refreshing. I am very pleased with the construction of my house and highly recommend Xcellent Homes.”

T B Nielsen.

Xcellent Homes was amazing to work with! We first chose to them to build our new custom home in Little Valley because of their reputation and experience.  They consulted with us from concept to completion and were always professional. They had Xcellent subcontractors that were true craftsmen. Xcellent Homes delivered us an “Xcellent Xperience” right on schedule and right on budget.  We highly recommend Xcellent Homes!”

A. Thompson

Building an expensive custom home can be very stressful especially if you’re new to the area and don’t know the contractors.  We asked several people in the building trade and they all recommended Xcellent Homes.  This was the third house we built in 20 years and our experience was terrific. From purchasing the lot to choosing the house plans, Xcellent Homes did everything to make our experience in designing what we wanted in our home a truly stress free experience. Ethan Anderson kept us in line with the bid, meeting with us often to make sure that we stayed within our budget.  The subcontractors were great to work with. Very particular and always left a neat work place at day’s end and when they were completed. The finishing work was fantastic. As for the overall experience in building our home with Xcellent Homes it was a fun build. If you want to have the best experience building your quality home, then we highly recommend Xcellent Homes. You will not be disappointed.

Larry & Cheryl Murray

Got bids from 3 good builders.  Xcellent Homes was the highest bid.  But after putting the 3 bids on a spreadsheet to properly compare them, the others weren’t lower ($) than Xcellent’s very comprehensive bid.

Xcellent Homes really kept things moving along and at the agreed costs (No surprises.) We moved in in less than 6 months.
Xcellent Homes and their subs put up with me being at the job nearly all day – everyday. I’m picky & have quite a bit of construction experience. Xcellent Homes addressed all our concerns quickly. Without reservation, we recommend Xcellent Homes. Still totally satisfied homeowners after 2 years.

Dennis & Barbara Goyen

Choosing Xcellent  Homes  to build for us was a great experience. We found them easy to work with and always available to answer our questions. They would discuss any ideas with us and help us come to the right decision. Our home was completed on time and we are very pleased with the quality and workmanship of our home.   We would definitely recommend Xcellent Homes to anyone looking to build their dream home in the St George area!

Craig Leatham

Incredible!  Building your dream home can be a scary endeavor for some people. It was exciting for us.  We consider ourselves very fortunate to have selected Xcellent Homes.  They delivered an outstanding effort in every aspect of the project.  From design to execution, everything was completed in a timely manner with our exact desires in mind.  It was a pleasure to have Xcellent Homes build our home. Xcellent Homes and their team delivered an outstanding experience and a beautiful home for us.  Incredible!

Kelly & Michelle Sayer